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10th Planet West Los Angeles competes at NAGA

The 10th Planet West Los Angeles team just had a great weekend about 16 of us went out to Las Vegas to compete in Naga which can bring some tough competition in no gi for the guys and gals. There were some hard battles ,great victories and some tough losses but in the high majority were there with our hands being raised, almost all got gold ,a few won double gold as they competed in more than one division.

Some of the students were put in the expert division even though they were blue belts and those blue belts had won that division! In my professional opinion blue belts should be in the intermediate division not the expert division but still 10th planet west la prevailed and made me proud.

One blue belts stand out Jason Fukunaga submitted everyone of his opponents in two divisions by heel hook ,I think only one person lasted more than three minutes !

A long-term student and purple belts Niko radish had a very tough accomplished competitor in the expert division ,a black belt who puts out his own instructional DVDs on leg locks ,the out come ? Niko heel hooking the opponent from what would look to be the opponents dominant leg lock position.

Sebastian a.k.a. Seabass via darce choke and Shane Mraz both took golds in the expert divisions .Two of our ladies Amanda Propker and Rhoades Faraday got the gold in their divisions .

A newcomer with just six months Experience Josh Way submitted all his opponents in the novice division as well as dominating a competition at 10th planet HQ just two weeks ago .

Finally a 21-year-old stand out with only one year in the game Chase(boogie nights)Hoerig stepped up and competed in the intermediate division and had a great start by putting the first competition to bed with a Japanese neck tie, a team favorite, and inching out a victory in the final to add another gold to his collection, trust me this kid is one to watch .

Besides the comp we all had a great time we shared a house together, made food together relaxed together, and had made even tighter bonds as Friends and teammates. In the next few weeks we have Gracie worlds and Naga San Diego coming up and we plan on doing the same thing getting hands raised.