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6 Psychological Benefits Enjoyed By Students Of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

6 Psychological Benefits Enjoyed By Students Of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Individuals familiar with Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Los Angeles understand the many powerful benefits that participation in the sport can have on the lives of practitioners. Students of Brazilian jiu-jitsu are introduced to challenges that cause them to become familiar with their own strengths and weaknesses while improving their ability to respond to adverse situations.

The fact that BJJ training offers great benefits to its students is common knowledge to people living in the Los Angeles area. However, it is difficult for most in the city to identify the specific psychological benefits that jiu-jitsu practitioners enjoy. The following is six specific psychological benefits of practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu for students.


Participants in many sports will attest to the fact that their confidence soars after training for any relevant length of time. But this effect is more pronounced for practitioners of BJJ. This is because the sport is one of the few that can be practiced at full speed on a daily basis without detriment to its practitioners.

The BJJ lifestyle is one of discipline and motivation that causes practitioners to develop the belief that no goal or challenge is unattainable to them.

Daily Life Becomes Easier

Day to day life activities will begin to seem much less difficult to the individual that trains at Brazilian jiu-jitsu. This is because the rigors of BJJ training will prove much-mored demanding that many routine challenges presented by life. There will still be some areas of life that are demanding for jiu-jitsu practitioners but these areas will also become easier to manage as the student’s character is developed through training.

Mind Stimulation

It is not far-fetched to characterize rolling on the mat in BJJ as a chess game with the body. As the skill of the practitioner improves he or she will begin to become more adept at anticipating the moves of an opponent. This activity stimulates the mind as would a puzzle or other strategic game. The practitioner benefits from developing enhanced problem-solving capabilities that can be used in all areas of life.

Mood Regulation

All rigorous exercise allows an individual the chance to purge negative emotions from the mind and body in a positive way. Exercise also creates endorphins that make the individual feel good. BJJ is no different in this aspect.

Some BJJ practitioners joke that spending three or four nights a week trying to choke opponents on the mat is sufficient to eliminate the urge to reach out for the neck of individuals in other parts of their life. In any event, BJJ practitioners are a lot calmer and are more even-keeled as a result of training.

Good Friends

The more students of BJJ train in the sport, the more the martial art will become central to all aspects of their lives. This means that even when not training a participant’s thoughts and conversation will often be centered upon jiu-jitsu.

It is not very likely that non-practitioners of the sport will share this interest. Students of Brazilian jiu jitsu will need to look to others involved with the sport for the fellowship they crave. This sets the stage for strong bonds and friendships to be established between training partners. These friendships are extremely healthy for the mental state of the BJJ practitioner and will provide another layer of support for both parties as they work to reach their goals.


Individuals that have not trained or competed in a sport that is demanding can sometimes develop the tendency to overestimate their own abilities. This is a normal occurrence as people often feel they could easily perform acts that they see or hear of others doing.

Bjj does not allow for these delusions. Practitioners of the sport are challenged regularly in a way that requires them to become self-honest in their own personal assessment. The importance of developing this type of humility is underrated by most people but is an extremely beneficial trait to possess.

Final Thoughts

The Los Angeles resident that decides to begin training in Brazilian jiu jitsu will open a door to a world that is filled with positive benefits to the body as well as the mind. The above-mentioned benefits to practitioners are only a small sample of these benefits but more than enough reason to take the plunge into the BJJ lifestyle.