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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt System

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt Progression

Jiu Jitsu Black Belt 10th Planet - Los AngelesIf you want to learn how to defend yourself using Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Los Angeles, you may want to join a gym that has highly trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors. By taking the journey to a Jiu Jitsu master with us, you’ll develop an efficint fighting style that can help you get out of a variety of situations. However, in order to master the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you’ll have to obtain a black belt. The path to this particular belt isn’t very easy as a typical student usually trains for nearly 10 years before acquiring the prize. If you want to obtain a black belt in a practical way without stressing out, you’ll need to focus, follow specific training steps, and learn the Jiu Jitsu belt system.

White Belt 
When you begin your training with us, you’ll get a white belt. This particular belt is a symbol for learning, so you must focus on the basic fundamentals while you’re wearing it. While you’re holding a white, you’ll have one goal, which is to always relax. If you don’t relax throughout training routines, you won’t effectively learn the basic Jiu Jitsu moves. We don’t expect you to learn a lot while you have a white belt. You’ll only need to understand general motions, steps, punches, and kicks because these actions will be modified and enhanced after you acquire the next belt.

In order to get a blue belt while holding a white belt, you’ll need to improve your endurance. We help students with conditioning by developing supplemental programs that focus on different endurance training aspects. This approach helps students enhance, hone, and strengthen key muscle groups that will be used frequently upon capturing a blue belt. As dedicated Jiu Jitsu instructors, we guide students through conditioning programs strategically so that they can achieve practical results at their own pace.

Blue Belt 
Students who have a blue belt tackle training drills that focus on defense. During a typical routine, everyone must learn moves in order to successfully pass the guard. This means that students spend many hours sparring in the guard position.

When you acquire this belt, you must perform different escapes during various defensive exercises. The situations when you’ll get to use escape maneuvers will vary. However, we typically instruct students to try a least two invasion maneuvers from a:

  • Standard mount position
  • Back mount position
  • Side mount position

Because students who have a blue belt learn practical defensive moves, they must compete in one match. Blue belt competitions aren’t complicated, so the process of performing well during a match is easy.

Purple Belt 
A purple belt is only awarded to students who understand general fighting movements and various aspects of momentum. These skills are very important while on a path to a black belt because strategic movements are needed in order to redirect momentum during a sparring session using defensive tactics.

After you get a purple belt from us, you’ll have to work hard every day. If you try to cut corners while holding this belt, the process of acquiring the next belt will be more challenging. Without proper dedication, you won’t be able to build a solid foundation, which typically happens when you complete various routines, drills, and exercises each day while wearing a purple belt.

In most cases, you’ll hold a purple belt for about a year. During this time span, you should assess your skills. Your goal is to determine your weaknesses so that a trainer can make these flaws your biggest strengths. After you correct your flaws, you’ll mainly focus on using different attack combinations that involve different fighting techniques in order to take your training to the next level.

Brown Belt 
This particular belt is a turning point because you’ll focus on more attack techniques instead of defensive drills upon acquiring it. The process of advancing to the next belt won’t be very challenging since you’ll perform drills that involve previous moves that you learned throughout earlier training exercises. Along with the past techniques, you’ll have to complete passes, submissions, sweeps, and other moves during your time holding a brown belt.

Over time, while you have a brown belt, you might develop a unique fighting style according to your habits and preferences. If you struggle while reaching this level of success, we’ll help you learn strategic counter moves, new defensive steps, and efficient offensive tactics.

Black Belt 
Fighters who hold a black belt are experts, so they know how to break down movements, patterns, and fighting styles in order to win sparring sessions. However, after you get this highly valuable belt, your journey isn’t over as you must continue to hone your skills. If you visit our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym in Los Angeles regularly while you have a black belt, you’ll always find new challenges and competition.