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Muay Thai

What You Get When You Join 10th Planet West LA!

You get Access to the best Muay Thai teachers in the Los Angeles area. Our instructors work with all experience levels, from the novice who just wants to get in shape, burn fat and build muscle, to the professional fighter who is training for his next fight. We expect everyone to have fun, learning how to defend yourself, and get a solid workout in at the same time!

We pride ourselves in having a friendly and positive atmosphere where ego’s are checked at the door. So give us a call or stop by and sign up for a free trial! We recognize Muay Thai isn’t a one size fits all sport, and we want everyone to be comfortable, so stop by and check us out.

Why Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is one of the most versatile striking combat martial arts. Muay Thai has more variables compared to traditional boxing with the ability to throw leg kicks and elbow strikes.

Not only is Muay Thai an excellent self defense skill, it is also one of the best workouts you can ever get.

Contact one of our instructors now to find out more!

Kickboxing Vs Muay Thai

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